Wednesday, March 30, 2011

..::Specially Made For My Cousin's Wedding::..

Specially made for my cousin's wedding on 11th March 2011  
All the additional accessories (flowers, ribbon, etc)  made by my mom :)

Before being 'make-up' by my mom :)

Close-up :)
Theme colour : Red + White  + Chocolate

2 pcs of chocolate in a box as wedding door gift :)

Part of my cousin's wedding door gift :)

..::Order From My Mom::..

Order from my mom for her grand daughter's 'Cukur Jambul' :)

Close-up :)

..::Repeat Order From Miss Cynthia::..

Various design of dark chocolate ~ Repeat order from Miss Cynthia :)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

..::Specially Made for My Mother In Law's Birthday::..

This chocolate was specially made for my mother in law. 
Her birthday was yesterday, 15th March :) 

Happy B'day Mak :)

Theme colour : Green + Red

Close-up :)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

..::Repeat Order From Miss Anis::..

Repeat order from Miss Anis :)
Single Oreo Chocolate with Edible Image : Upin Ipin 

..::Specially Made For Boss's Birthday::..

The Chocolate Box for the Birthday Boss ;)

Inside the box 
This is the first time i did handwriting ~ "HAPPY B'DAY BOS" on top of the chocolate instead of usual letters using mould 

Happy B'day Bos
Theme colour : Chocolate + Yellow + Red

Marble chocolate with yellow in colour stripe

..::Order From Miss Cynthia::..

Order from Miss Cynthia :)
Various design and filling of Dark Chocolate 

..::Repeat Order From Mrs Farhana::..


Repeat order from Mrs Farhana :)


Various design of marble chocolate :)

Close-up marble chocolate :)

..::Order From Mrs Faiezah::..

Order from Mrs Faiezah ~ Shah Alam :)

Close-up :)

Single Oreo Chocolate  :)

Oreo chocolate with Mickey + Minnie Sticker at the bottom of the box are Edible Image Oreo :)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

..::Repeat Order From Mrs Rafidah Jamal :) ::..

Special order from Mrs Rafidah Jamal a.k.a Cikpid :)
Theme colour : Colourful / Rainbow :)

Special for her son , Afieq Najmie :)
Close-up :)

..::Order from Gadis :)::..

Order from Gadis :)

Happy B'day K'rul
Theme colour : Chocolate + Red + White

..::Order From Muhafis::..

Order from Muhafis 

Inside the box

Theme colour : Purple + Pink